Terms and Conditions

The Service

Laundry Items

All laundry is treated as a bulk service 'As is' we take no inventory or check washing label instructions. We are careful with all items but are unable to accept any complaints or claims for colour fastness, shrinkage or missing items. Please make sure your bag contains washable items only.

Wash Dry and Fold (Service Washes)

  • We do not take responsibility for sorting through soiled laundry prior to washing. Please prepare it as if washing it yourself.
  • Separate and sort your colours (preferably into different bags).
  • Check the suitability of all items for;
  • Washing and drying
  • Tumble drying range between 60c and 90c. (Unless you clearly request lower drying temperature.)
  • Do not leave dry cleaning only or non-tumble dry items in your bag!.
  • Check garment pockets etc for pens, tissues etc.
  • We do not accept claims for missing items in service washes - It is not practical or cost effective to individually ticket all of your items therefore we have no record of what is in your bag.
  • Wash, Dry & Fold (Service Wash) is priced in weight starting at 3Kg and increases per 1kg in additional weight.
  • Non tumble dry, hand wash and feather filled items cannot be included in Wash & Fold.

Special Offers

Our special offers and promotions will fall under both current terms and conditions outlined here as well as their own individual terms and conditions where applicable.

  • Offers will have their own terms and conditions and are subject to that offer only.  

Curtain Cleaning

We will proceed with cleaning your curtains on the basis that you understand the following risks;

  • If a manufacturer's care instructions are not affixed to your curtains, cleaning will be at owner’s risk.
  • Ultraviolet damage or ‘sun rot’ may occur when curtains have hung in a window for prolonged periods. The movement in cleaning can damage/tear the weakened material.
  • Black out/vinyl backed linings - There is a high risk that these linings may blister and peel in the cleaning process. Manufacturers should use materials/linings suitable for dry cleaning but often do not. We estimate 1 in 10 blackout linings will be damaged in dry cleaning.
  • Shrinkage may occur when cleaning curtains for the first time especially if they are interlined. It can be typically 3%. To minimise the risk of shrinkage, ask for our specialist cleaning. (Which includes lower temperature drying and steam stretching during the finishing process).
  • Stains cannot always be removed. Water based stains are particularly difficult.
  • Hems & linings - The curtain dry cleaning process involves movement. We do not accept responsibility for weak stitching coming undone in this movement.

Leather Cleaning

We will proceed with cleaning your suedes and leathers on the basis that you understand the following risks;

  • Loss of colour - Some dyes are soluble in the cleaning solvent. Original colour cannot always be restored.
  • Imperfections in skins - Scars, tick marks, veins, wrinkles and texture change may be more apparent after cleaning.
  • Shrinkage - Skins overstretched during tanning may shrink.
  • Colour shading from adhesives - Glues used during construction that are not solvent resistant may seep through the leather causing dark areas.
  • Multi-coloured garments - Dyes may bleed onto adjacent leather, suede or fabric.
  • Stains - Some stains cannot be removed without causing damage to the colour or skins.
  • Vinyl trim - The vinyl could peel, harden, or bubble. School jackets are especially vulnerable to the cleaning process. (Also, some dyes used in the jackets are not colourfast and can fade or bleed onto one another!)
  • Decorative Trim - Metal, rhinestones, beads, or sequins may be damaged or come off in the cleaning process.

Dry Cleaning

  • Limited Liability: While we exercise utmost care in handling and cleaning your garments, we are not liable for any damage or loss that may occur during the dry cleaning process.
  • Pre-existing Conditions: We are not responsible for any damage or discoloration that may result from pre-existing stains, damage, or fabric weaknesses.
  • Unclaimed Items: Any unclaimed items will be donated or disposed of after 90 days of the scheduled pick-up date, and we will not be held responsible for their loss.
  • Due to our low charges for of this type of dry cleaning we only accept liability to damaged/lost goods up to £35 per item.
  • No household items are accepted, garments only.

Your instructions -

  • Items left without your instructions will be cleaned according to their care labels and/or our professional judgement
  • These should be attached to your order and include your name, address, items details, cleaning service required, delivery date and any other relevant information.


  • Orders must be fully paid before delivery unless paying by cash on delivery.
  • Card payments by phone are only accepted on a one off basis for first-time customers and must be made during office hours.
  • Cheque/BAC’s accounts - These are available only to selected business customers.
  • Overdue accounts - We reserve the right to charge interest and remove any applicable discounts to future cleaning.


  • Estimate are given as a guideline prior to items being seen by us in our processing factory. (Normally when telephone, by driver at door etc.)


  • Quotes are only given once items have been seen in our processing factory.
  • Quotes will only be given if specifically asked for by the customer. Otherwise we will go ahead with collected cleaning as per our current pricelist.


  • We cannot guarantee the complete removal of stains despite using ‘every trick in the book’. Some stains are fixed and cannot be safely removed.
  • We will re-clean any item free of charge.
  • The original cleaning charges will still apply even if stain removal has been unsuccessful.

Item Trim

  • Buttons, buckles, zips, poppers, badges, sequins & similar trim cannot be guaranteed in the movement of cleaning and pressing.
  • It is the manufacturer's responsibility to ensure that item trim as well as the material is suitable for the care label they have applied to the garment. Damage to these items is normally due to manufacture deficiencies or wear.

Collection & Delivery

  • Our pickup and delivery days are Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Our hours delivery and pick up hours are between 9am and 2pm on mentioned days. Our minimum turnover time for pickups is the next delivery day. For example, Fridays pick up would be delivered on Monday.
  • There is a minimum charge of £5.00 on all pick and deliveries.  If the client is unable to accept or not present at the time of scheduled delivery a £5.00 re-delivery charge will be applied.
  • We cannot accept claims for missing items unless you have reported it within 24 hours of receiving your returned items. You should check your laundry/Dry Cleaning as soon as possible after delivery.
  • Unattended collection and delivery is strictly at your own risk.

Missed delivery time

  • Very occasionally delivery will take longer than first advised due to factors such as item vehicle mechanical issues, item requires re-cleaning, machinery breakdown, hang dry only etc.
  • We will call to inform you if the delivery time is no longer possible. 
  • If you must have items back by a certain day you must stipulate that at pick up.
  • We reserve the right to charge for re-delivery if you fail to be home for the agreed time.

Care Labels

  • The company strictly follows the item care label cleaning instructions as advised by the manufacturer.
  • You must clearly request before cleaning if you expressly wish us not to follow your item care label instructions. This will be at owner’s risk.

Unclaimed items.

  • Any items held for over 3 months by the company will be donated to charity.


  • In the very unlikely event that items are lost or damaged compensation is limited to the following –
  • If the items are new (under 1 month old) and you provide a receipt, we will pay up to 80% of the value taking into account wear and tear.
  • If the item is 1 month to 3 months old and you provide a receipt, we will pay up to 50% of the value taking into account wear and tear.
  • If your item is over 3 months old or you don’t produce a receipt, we would compensate a maximum of £20
  • Proof must be provided that the item(s) were present and we were responsible for loss or damage.
  • If no receipt is provided, we cannot provide compensation
  • It is the customer responsibility to separate coloured and white washing in their service wash. We will endeavour to check but again, we accept no responsibility for colour cross contamination.
  • Items lost or damaged must be reported within 48 hours of delivery/collection from our store.
  • The Laundry Basket commits to investigate items damaged or missing as quickly as possible and keep you updated throughout this process.
  • For lost items compensation will normally be paid after 4 weeks from the date the loss was reported.
  • Fair compensation is based on the replacement value less the age and condition of the item. (We follow the TSA fair compensation guidelines drawn up in conjunction with the association of British Insurers)
  • The Laundry Basket cannot accept liability for any consequential losses outside of our control. For example, you need a missing suit for an interview and had to buy another before we had sufficient time to find your suit.

Loyalty Card Scheme

For every spend over £9.50 at the Launderette you will receive a stamp on your loyalty card when dropping off laundry or ironing. After ten (10) stamps you will be entitled to a free service up to the value of £9.50 in the form of either ironing or laundry service wash.

  • No cash alternative value and cannot be exchanged for anything else except our laundry services.
  • Only 1 stamp issued per transaction regardless of value
  • Stamps are collected at drop off of of items, not collection. 
  • Lost cards cannot be replaced with accrued stamps we accept no responsibility for lost cards. A new BLANK card will be issued free of charge.
  • It is the customer responsibility to separate coloured and white washing in their laundry bag. We will endeavour to check but we accept no responsibility for colour cross contamination.

Dry Cleaning Garment Damage Policy

If you believe that we have damaged your garments in anyway please contact as ASAP. We will do all that we can to resolve the situation but we need to be informed within 48 hours of delivery. We will then arrange for the item to be picked up and sent to us where we will adopt the following procedure:

  • We will investigate the stated complaint promptly and if we establish that we were negligent we shall pay fair compensation based upon the current value of the garment. This usually amounts to around 6-10 times the cost of the dry cleaning. This procedure is based upon the Office of Fair-Trading guidelines.
  • If we do not believe that we were at fault we will suggest that you accept the findings of an independent report by www.satra.co.uk or similar mutually agreeable organisations. If it is found to be our fault, we will pay the full cost of the arbitration, we shall compensate the original dry-cleaning charge.
  • If we are found not to be at fault, we will expect you to pay the cost of the arbitration.

Our damage policy is in line with the Office of Fair Trades recommendations.

Dry Cleaning Garment Loss Policy

The Laundry Basket exercises the utmost care in processing clothing items received, to avoid misplacement or loss of items. However, there will be instances where items may get misplaced or lost. As such, differences in the count of items must be reported within 24 hours of delivery. The Laundry Baskets’ liability with respect to any lost item shall not exceed ten (10) times our charge for cleaning that garment regardless of brand or condition.

By using our laundry services, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and accept the compensation values set above.

The Website

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